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Year Project Title Name
2023 Indigeneity, colonialism, and the language of human-environment relationships on the Sonoran Desert coast Arms, Nicolas
2023 Secwepemctsín Structure and Sound Baron, Michelle
2023 Text collection, grammatical sketch and vocabulary of Tlacolulita Zapotec Beam de Azcona, Rosemary
2023 Phonetics and Phonology of Vowels in Panãra De Falco, Ella
2023 Documenting the traditional practices of the Yamalero-speaking people, a Guahiban community in the Colombian Eastern Plains Ginebra, David
2023 Investigating modality in Baja California Kumiai Hannon, Ella
2023 The syntax and semantics of ʔayʔaǰuθəm verbs and auxiliaries Huijsmans, Marianne
2023 Middle Tanana, Tanacross and Upper Tanana place name consolidation Kari, James
2023 Valuing the endangered know-how and memories of archery in southwest Alaska: a technology with multiple cultural implications Lemaitre, Coline
2023 Forming comparisons in child language in Yucuquimi de Ocampo Mixtec Mantenuto, Iara
2023 Differential Object and Recipient Marking in Puerto Nariño Tikuna Moreno Córdoba, Nelly Esperanza
2023 The Semantics of Nominal and Verbal Number in Kaingang Navarro, Michel Platiny Assis
2023 Agent control and aspect in Secwepemctsín and Nłeʔkepmxcin Nederveen, Sander
2023 Topics in the study of Nɬeʔkepmxcin Steiner, Reed
Year Project Title Name
2022 Traversing through space in Macuxi: a study of spatial expressions Antono, Gregory
2022 Aspects of Ktunaxa grammar: Meaning, discourse, and texts Bochnak, Ryan; Ana Laura Arrieta Zamudio; Noah Luntzlara; Starr Sandoval; Sijia Zhang; Yangshuying (Kate) Zhou
2022 The Art of the Harvest: Subsistence Regulation and Environmental Change in Southeast Alaska Native Art Bridges, Ben
2022 Healing People and Lands: Territorial Conflict, Environmental Illness, and the Pursuit of Kvme Mongen in Wajmapu/Southern Chile Burson, Randall
2022 Linguistic Focus in Mixtec Narratives Hedding, Andrew
2022 A textual documentation of Comaltepec Chinantec ethnoecology and toponymy Nakamoto, Shun & Israel Hernández López
2022 Secwepemctsín Grammar and Use Nederveen, Sander; Dakota Anderberg; Michelle Baron; Celina Medrano-Miller; Bruce Oliver; Julia Schillo; Eve Suharwardy
2022 Health and Wellness in an Urban Indigenous Community Pollak, Margaret
2022 ʔayʔaǰuθəm Revisited: More Work on the Syntax-Semantics Interface Reisinger, Daniel; Marianne Huijsmans; Laura Griffin; Bailey Trotter
2022 Preliminary description of Ko'alh (Yuman) morphology Vinogradov, Igor Manuel & Alejandro Sánchez Fernández
Year Project Title Name
2021 Particle La- In Huave From San Mateo Del Mar, Oaxaca, Mexico Aguilar Ruiz, Mary Carmen
2021 Documentation of Yucunani Sà'án Sàvǐ (Mixtec) Belmar Viernes, Guillem
2021 Stress, tone, and phonation in Santiago Laxopa Zapotec Brinkerhoff, Mykel Loren
2021 Topics in the Grammar of Secwepemctsín (Shuswap) Davis, Henry
2021 Anaphoric properties of Wao Tededo classifier constructions Diewald, Noah
2021 From ʔElhdaqox to Bis Nadiʔah: A Tŝilhqot'in Place Name Study Doddridge, Shane
2021 Distributed Sovereignties: Nanticoke and Lenape Traditional Futures Hall, Karelle
2021 Anticolonial Landscapes and the Emergence of Miskitu People's Territorial Resistance in Nicaragua Matamoros-Mercado, Ruth
2021 The Chacoan Guaraní language at the beginning of the 21st century: new challenges, and ethnographic perspectives María Agustina Morando
2021 Combining everyday digital technology and participatory methods for language documentation: Safeguarding Isthmus Zapotec during the global pandemic Schwab-Cartas, Joshua
2021 Number in Ktunaxa: sentience and valency in the nominal domain Underhill, Rose
2021 Remote-based language documentation project for heritage materials of the Shiwilu language Vásquez-Aguilar, Alonso
2021 Música Patagón: Language, Music, and Politics in Contemporary Mapuche Music Wheeler, Erin Nicole
2021 Documentation of Chichicastenango K'iche' Wood, Elizabeth
Year Project Title Name
2020 Comparative Totonacan Ethnobotany: Documentation of the Nomenclature, Classification, and Use in Three Communities (Tonalixco, Ecatlán, Pisaflores) Amith, Jonathan
2020 The grammar of scalarity in Ktunaxa Bertrand, Anne
2020 Comparative analysis of nominal phrases in Kaqchikel and K'iche' Burukina, Irina
2020 K'iche' and the Class of Verb-Initial Languages Doner, Julianne
2020 Shiwiar Identity Formation and Transformation in the Ecuadorian Amazon Fink, Travis
2020 Ktunaxa k-forms: Extracting diagnoses from subordinate clauses Gatchalian, Terrance
2020 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon
2020 Further Explorations of the Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface in ʔayʔaǰuθəm Huijsmans, Marrianne
2020 Mary Kiona's Taytnapam commentaries transcribed and translated Hunn, Eugene
2020 Cherokee Discourse Transcription Koops, Christian
2020 Three Phonological Puzzles in Santiago Tz'utujil (Mayan) Lyskawa, Paulina
2020 Semantics and syntax of Gitksan Matthewson, Lisa
2020 Okanagan-Colville dictionary (on-line and print) Mattina, Anthony
2020 Oral Traditions and Oral Histories of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Mould, Tom
2020 Dissertation Project: Temporality and Modality in Tlacochahuaya Zapotec Plumb, May
2020 Spoken Language Variation in Chanka (ISO 639-3), An Endangered Language of the Peruvian Andes Povilonis de Vilchez, Natalie
2020 Information flow and the distribution of NPs and Vs in Hul'q'umi'num' Schneider, Lauren
2020 Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology of Gitksan Schwan, Michael
2020 Shipibo-Konibos Recontextualizations of Social Intimacy from Face-to-Face to Social Media Communication Sierra, Jennifer
Year Project Title Name
2019 Community-based Ethnobotany in the Sierra Nororiental de Puebla: Zongozotla and Tonalixco Totonac Amith, Jonathan
2019 Community-based Ethnobotany in the Sierra Nororiental de Puebla: Zongozotla and Tonalixco Totonac Amith, Jonathan
2019 Siksika Storytelling Across Generations Bliss, Heather
2019 Syntax of referential nominal phrases and nominalization in Kaqchikel of Patzún Burukina, Irina
2019 Agreement and argument realization in O’dam Everdell, Michael
2019 Documentation, Analysis, and Modernization of Kwak’wala, Nisga'a, and Sm'algyax Texts Frim, Daniel
2019 Negative concord in Washo: structure and discourse Hanink, Emily
2019 Continuation of ‘Sahaptin textual transcription and translation’ Hargus, Sharon
2019 Filling in the gaps: The Animacy Preference in San Martín Peras Mixtec Hedding, Andrew
2019 Examining Snowshoes in northwestern North America- variation in time and space Johnson, Leslie Main
2019 Kichwa Verbal Art as Social Action in Otavalo, Ecuador Martinez, Raul Anthony
2019 Preserving a Ktunaxa tale: Transcription, translation, and analysis of quotations in "Chickadee Story" McClay, Elise
2019 Reduplication in Comox-Sliammon (ʔayʔaǰuθəm) and other Salish Mellesmoen, Gloria
2019 Los objetos en la lengua tikuna de Puerto Nariño / Objetcs in Puerto Nariño‟s tikuna Languages Moreno-Cordoba, Nelly Esperanza
2019 Lalana Chinantec Narratives on a Mesoamerican Calendar Nakamoto, Shun
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Year Project Title Name
2018 Asdiwal Text Revitalization Anderson, Margaret Seguin
2018 Utterance-final epenthesis in Kĩsêdjê-Tapayuna Beauchamp, Jérémie
2018 Floods, Sasquatches, and Bears: Siksika Blackfoot Stories Bliss, Heather
2018 The Voice system in Kaqchikel Burukina, Irina
2018 Topics in the Grammar of Tsimshianic Languages Davis, Henry
2018 Imitative Sounds in Hul'q'umi'num' Hart, Sally
2018 ʔayʔaǰuθəm second-position clitics: Semantics, syntax and prosody Huijsmans, Marianne
2018 Wakashan documentation Kammler, Henry
2018 Verbal Agreement in Santiago Tz’utujiil Levin, Theodore
2018 From Sounds to Meanings: Further Explorations in ʔayʔ θəm Mellesmoen, Gloria Madeleine
2018 Miskitu Moravianism in an Era of Religious Pluralization (Nicaragua and Honduras) Montero, Fernando
2018 Time reference in Heiltsuk Muro, Alessio
2018 Documenting Urarina traditional plant knowledge from a linguistic perspective, with vocabulary and texts Peña, Jaime
2018 Verbs, objects, and aspect in Kwak̓wala Sardinha, Katie
2018 Documenting the Phonemes of Dane-zaa Záágéʼ (Prophet River Beaver) Sear, Victoria
2018 Thunder and Being: Attribution, Continuity, and Symbolic Capital in a Nuxalk Community Smith, Christopher
2018 Resolving animacy conflicts in Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì and Dënesųłıné Welch, Nicholas
2018 Supernatural Gendering and Amazonian Kichwa Theories of Ecuadorian Crop Diversity White, John
2018 A collection of oral discursive genres in Murui, a language from Northwest Amazonia Wojtylak, Katarzyna
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Year Project Title Name
2017 Sm’algya̱x Conversational Texts Anderson, Margaret Seguin
2017 Syntactic ergativity in Panará (Jê) Bardagil-Mas, Bernat
2017 A Digital Archive of Blackfoot Personal Stories and Conversations Bliss, Heather
2017 Explorations in the grammar of ʔayʔaǰuθəm Davis, Henry
2017 Lingít yoo x̱ ʼatángi, a x̱aadí ḵa a tʼáni: Tlingit language, its roots and its Branches Déchaine, Rose-Marie
2017 Investigations into Kwak’wala Narrative Structure Frim, Daniel
2017 Atsaawanan. Telling and retelling a Blackfoot story Genee, Inge
2017 Hul’q’umi’num’ language and culture documentation Gerdts, Donna
2017 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon
2017 ʔayʔaǰuθəm particles and intonation Huijsmans, Marianne
2017 Massett Haida Narrative, Oratory and Conversation Ignace, Marianne
2017 Wakashan documentation Kammler, Henry
2017 Beyond the prosodic word: The phonology, syntax and semantics of clitics in SENĆOŦEN Leonard, Janet
2017 slhunlheni’athun snanum: More Women’s conversations Louie, Carol
2017 Gitksan language research, from phonology to pragmatics Matthewson, Lisa
2017 Satipo Ashaninka (Arawak) intonation in a typological perspective Mihas, Elena
2017 Ultrasound Imaging of Hän Speech Sounds Percival, Maida
2017 Contemporary Basket Making and Environmental Conservation among the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Rogers, Emily Buhrow
2017 Tenselessness in Pirahã Salles, Raiane
2017 Relative constructions in Inuktun Spreng, Bettina
2017 Gitga’at Knowledge in Monitoring Marine Environments: Community-led Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge Thompson, Kim-Ly
2017 War Cry on Terror: Southern Plains Veteran Song Changes and 21st Century Warfare Yamane, Maxwell Hiroshi
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Year Project Title Name
2016 Hul'q'umi'num' Voices: The Language of Music Baetscher, Kevin & Sewit Thomas Jones
2016 Indian Shaker Church (1910) Songs Bob, Valerie
2016 Aspect in Tlingit Burge, Heather
2016 Gitksan Texts Davis, Henry & Kyra Borland-Walker, Colin Brown, Lisa Matthewson, Aidan Pine
2016 Exploring Connections in Environmental Education, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Indigenous Empowerment in the Ecuadorian Amazon Dodaro, Lauren
2016 Encoding meaning across domains in Ktunaxa Guntly, Erin A. & Elise McClay, Anne Bertrand, Alexandra Bosurgi
2016 Clausal Nominalizations in Washo Hanink, Emily
2016 Coast Salish Law and Natural Resource Management: A Case Study with the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Hanson, Erin
2016 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon & Virginia Beavert
2016 Discourse in Ay̓aǰuθəm Huijsmans, Marianne & Devin Pielle
2016 Wakashan Documentation Kammler, Henry & Adam Werle
2016 slhunlheni’athun snanum: Women’s conversations Louie, Carol
2016 The linguistic anchoring of "knowledge" and "property" in Hopi McElgunn, Hannah
2016 The Phonological Structure of Polysynthetic languages Miller, Taylor Lampton
2016 An evaluation of the category of "mood" in Unangam Tunuu Newhall, Christina L.
2016 Documenting Giant Legends of the Seri O'Meara, Carolyn & David Burckhalter
2016 Music and Human-Animal Relations Among Northern Athapaskans Ranspot, Tamara
2016 Native American Basket Making and River Cane Conservation in the Southeastern United States Rogers, Emily Buhrow
2016 (Socio)Linguistic Documentation of Arutani (Uruak), an almost extinct language of Venezuela and Brazil Roses-Labrada, Jorge Emilio & Thiago Costa Chacon
2016 A Reference Grammar of Eastern Shoshone Shaul, David L.
2016 Living with the past: Experiences and representations of contact amongst the Dâw of the Brazilian Northwest Amazon Southwood, Michael
2016 The merging syntax of Michif noun phrases Strader, Kathleen
2016 Documenting and revitalizing Northern Paiute oral tradition Veyrié, Thierry
2016 Prosody and morphology of Blackfoot nouns Weber, Natalie
2016 Ahousaht (Nuu-chah-nulth) Dictionary Research: Complex verbs Wojdak, Rachel
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Year Project Title Name
2015 Information structure in Unangam Tunuu Berge, Anna
2015 Blackfoot conversations Bliss, Heather; Inge Genee; Martina Wiltschko
2015 Hul'q'umi'num' weddings Brown, Joan; Thomas Jones
2015 Salish language multimedia dictionary Brown, Joshua
2015 Limx Hlug Woomhlxw (Song of the Newborn): Knowledge and stories surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn, a collaborative language project Dworak, Catherine
2015 The grammar of prosody and intonation in Kwak'wala Elfner, Emily
2015 Cowichan voices: The view from the canoe Gagnon, Kathryn; Valerie Bob
2015 Lhalhukw' silye'yu: Hul'q'umi'num' ethno-ornithology Gerdts, Donna; Ruby Peter
2015 Trapping bears in Algonquin territory: Cultural perceptions in practice Hak Hepburn, Michelle L.
2015 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon; Virginia Beavert
2015 SENCOTEN second-position clitics Huijsmans, Marianne
2015 Investigations into Kwakwala narrative structure Janzen, Jonathan; Daniel Frim
2015 Hul'q'umi'num' language: Southern speakers Louie, Delores; Janet Leonard
2015 Intonation and information structure in Okanagan Salish Lyon, John
2015 Gitksan language research: From phonetics to discourse Matthewson, Lisa; Katie Bicevski; Kyra Borland-Walker; Colin Brown; Henry Davis; Thomas Heins; Aidan Pine
2015 The representation of Blackfoot culture in a Blackfoot-English bilingual dictionary Mizumoto, Madoka
2015 lewalmes (Lower Chehalis) community dictionary and grammar, phase 1 Robertson, David Douglas
2015 Continued analysis of the Tupari language of Rondonia Singerman, Adam Roth
2015 Documenting landscape and space in Norton Sound Kotlik Toker, Nicholas G.
2015 The interpretation of imperfective aspect in Northern Paiute Toosarvandani, Maziar
2015 Documenting conversational interactions and embodied linguistic practices of Kaska speakers Volfova, Martina
2015 Wakashan documentation Werle, Adam; Henry Kammler
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Year Project Title Name
2014 Dwelling in and Fabricating the Household: Local and regional sociality amongst Makushi people in Guyana Arze-Torres-Goitia, Sebastian
2014 Documenting Incorporated Objects and Adjuncts in Blackfoot Bliss, Heather
2014 Temporal reference in Washo Bochnak, M. Ryan
2014 Hul'q'umi'num' Language Through Culture Brown, Joan; Delores Louie
2014 Analyzing optional number morphology in Yucatec Maya: Grammatical, sociolinguistic and developmental factors Butler-Trump, Lindsay Kay
2014 Gitksan Research and Documentation Davis, Henry; Madeleine Barois; Katie Bicevskis; Colin Brown; Lisa Matthewson; Aidan Pine; Alyssa Satterwhite
2014 Uncertain Linguistic Futures: Yucatec Maya Speaker Experiences in rural Mexico Feeney-Kleinfeldt, Aurora
2014 Morphology and Productivity in Gitksan Forbes, Clarissa; Michael David Schwan
2014 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon; Virginia Beavert
2014 Animacy and Verb Kim, Kyumin
2014 (Re)connecting Nuxalk and Heiltsuk Voices with Historic Material Culture at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History Kramer, Jennifer; Clyde Tallio; Ian Reid
2014 The water with no soul: Encountering First Nations 'spirituality' in the Alberta oil sands Larratt-Smith, Whitney Jane
2014 Temporal Marking in Nakota Mickleborough, Christina D.
2014 Ethnography of communication: Patterns of Asheninka Perene (Arawak) public discourse Mihas, Elena
2014 Sound Patterns in Choctaw Narrative Pierce, Lori McLain
2014 Inflection in Michif Sammons, Olivia N.
2014 Documentation and Description of the Tupari Language of Rondonia Singerman, Adam Roth
2014 Ditidaht/Paachiidaht Texts Retrieval Touchie, Bernice
2014 Tense and its effect on aspect and modality in SENCOTEN and Hul'q'umi'num' Turner, Claire K.
2014 Wakashan documentation Werle, Adam; Henry Kammler
2014 Pacific crabapple (Malus fusca) as a model species to investigate the interactions between cultural and biological diversity on the Pacific Coast of North America Wyllie de Echeverria, Victoria
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Year Project Title Name
2013 Ancient Boats - Modern Times: Documenting skin boat lore and living traditions of Point Hope, Alaska Anichtchenko, Evguenia; Ken Lisbourne
2013 Flora medicinal Mazahua utilizada para el tratamiento de enfermedades infecciosas del aparato digestivo y respiratorio Avendaño Gomez, Aide
2013 Blackfoot Language Data Collection: Measure of language usage through survey and interview on the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana Bell, Katherine
2013 The use of Dine bizaad in indigenous environmental activism Dunstan, Adam
2013 Ideological and dialectal variation among speakers of peripheral Nahuatl varieties Hansen, Magnus Pharao
2013 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon; Virginia Beavert
2013 The Language of Canoe Pulling Hukari, Thomas E.; Kevin Baetscher
2013 Border Policies and Cultural Change in the Coast Salish World Hundley, James
2013 Snake Woman Crying: Investigating Variation in Spanish/Nahuatl Versions of La Llorona Joaquim, Tina-Marie
2013 Syntax, semantics, and morphology of non-agent subjects Kim, Kyumin
2013 Aspects of Kwak'wala Morphosyntax Littell, Patrick; Katie Sardinha; Jonathan Janzen; Laura Sherer; Naomi Francis
2013 Video Documentation of Han Athabascan Manker, Jonathan
2013 Language Learning and Ideology in Chickasaw Language Programs Ozbolt, Ivan
2013 Phonetic Documentation of Totonac-Tepehua Ejectives Puderbaugh, Rebekka
2013 Tense and temporal interpretation in Northern Paiute Toosarvandani, Maziar
2013 Wakashan documentation Werle, Adam; Victoria Wells
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Year Project Title Name
2012 "Tell Me About Your Boat": Contemporary Umiak Narratives from Two Iñupiaq Communities in Arctic Alaska Anichtchenko, Evguenia
2012 The syntax of nominal expressions in Blackfoot Bliss, Heather
2012 The Semantics of Tlingit Modal Inflections Cable, Seth
2012 Toward an "Emic" Definition of Western Shoshone Heritage Catey, A. Scott; Ryan Morini
2012 Tsuut'ina corpus construction: methodologies and evaluation Cox, Christopher
2012 Bodypart prefixation in Upper Necaxa Totonac Garcia-Vega, Michelle
2012 Cowichan Voices Gerdts, Donna; Kathryn Gagnon
2012 Documenting Chiquitano Ritual Speeches (San Rafael) Girard, Raphael
2012 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon; Virginia Beavert
2012 Hul'q'umi'num' Flora and Fauna Hukari, Thomas; Delores Louie
2012 Sacred Skin: Tattooing of Native North American Krutak, Lars
2012 Focus, Prosody, and Argument Structure in Kwak'wala Littell, Patrick; Katie Sardinha; Jonathan Janzen; Laura Sherer
2012 Conversation Analysis in Dene Sųłiné Lovick, Olga; Jeanette Wiens
2012 Topics in the study of Gitksan Matthewson, Lisa; Henry Davis; Andrei Anghelescu; Clarissa Forbes; Jesse Lawrence; Michael David Schwan
2012 Indigenous Environmental Aesthetics: Ramkokamekra-Canela Gardening Practices and Maize Varietal Diversity in Maranhao, Brazil Miller, Theresa
2012 Miss Navajo's English: Variation and Ideology in Heritage Language Role Models and Activities Moss, Meredith
2012 Diabetes Concepts and Care in an Urban American Indian Community Pollak, Margaret
2012 The traditional knowledge of medicinal plants in three communities of La Canada, Oaxaca, Mexico Rosas-Lopez, Rocio
2012 Walking to Magdalena: Personhood and Place in Tohono O'odham Narratives, Songs, and Material Culture Schermerhorn, Seth
2012 Documenting Posterior Obstruents in Masset Haida Telfer, Corey
2012 Modality and temporality in Hul'q'umi'num' Turner, Claire
2012 Light verbs and the stage-/individual-level distinction in Tlįcho Yatiì Welch, Nicholas
2012 What stories can tell us: Blackfoot grammar in narratives Wiltschko, Martina; Blake Allen; Sihwei Chen; Joash Johannes; Tianhan Liu; Megan Smiley; Natalie Weber; Daniella Zandbergen
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Year Project Title Name
2011 Ethnicity among Lakota Christians Fitzgerald, Kristin
2011 Ethnomathematics of the Purepecha Gilsdorf, Thomas
2011 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon; Virginia Beavert
2011 Demographic and Epidemiological Changes on the Flathead Reservation 1885 to 1934 Heiner, Christina
2011 Hul'q'umi'num' Stories Hukari, Thomas; Donna Gerdts
2011 Ecological and Cultural Restoration of an Iconic Food Plant (Fritillaria camschatcensis (L.) Ker-Gawl) in the Squamish River Estuary, BC Joseph, Leigh
2011 Modes of Distributivity in Blackfoot Louie, Meagan
2011 The Pre-predicative Domain and Modality in Okanagan Lyon, John; Stacey Menzies; Joel Dunham
2011 Bilingualism and Spatialization in Spanish and Zapotec McComsey, Melanie
2011 Human-maize entanglements: varietal diversity and aesthetic experience within the Kayapo indigenous society Miller, Theresa
2011 Linguistic Documentation of Isthmus Mixe: Lexical Database and Ethnoscience Mora-Marin, David F.
2011 Documenting Metis and First Nations traditional fiddle dances: Reconstruction, Variation, and Meaning Quick, Sarah
2011 Nominalization and temporal relations in Northern Paiute Toosarvandani, Maziar
2011 Hul'q'umi'num' imperfective verbs Urbanczyk, Suzanne
2011 Syntax and Semantics of Coeur d'Alene Aspect Vincent, Audra
2011 Translation and transcription of Cree Pentecostal church discourse Westman, Clinton
2011 Language Socialization and Ideological Dilemmas among the Salish Wood, Rebecca
2011 Moolks (Pacific crabapple, Malus fusca Raf.): Knowledge and Meaning in Gitga'at culture Wyllie de Echeverria, Victoria
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Year Project Title Name
2010 The Pjiekakjoo Traditional Environmental Knowledge in a Transnational setting Aldasoro Maya, Elda Miriam
2010 SENCOTEN Language Coffee House Bird, Sonya; Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins; John Elliot; Janet Leonard
2010 An Investigation of Extraction in Gitksan Brown, Jason
2010 Explorations in the Grammar of Kwak'wala Davis, Henry; Jennifer Abel; Hannah Greene; Patrick Littell; Stacey Menzies; Masaki Noguchi; Catherine Stewart
2010 Aspect in Okanagan Dunham, Joel
2010 Health, Healing, and the Stories of the Sahtuot'ine Gordon, Sarah M.
2010 Phonological Issues in Nivacle, an endangered indigenous language in the Argentinean and Paraguayan Chaco Gutierrez, Analia
2010 Continuation of 'Sahaptin textual transcription and translation' Hargus, Sharon
2010 Focus sensitive expressions in Thompson Salish discourse Koch, Karsten A.
2010 Aspects of morphosyntax and semantics in Washo Grinsell, Timothy; Ryan Bochnak
2010 Nominal Domain Structure in Douglas Lake Okanagan Lyon, John
2010 Second Position Semantics Mackie, Scott
2010 Pacific Northwest Focus and Modality Elicitations Matthewson, Lisa; Strang Burton; Stacey Menzies
2010 Preserving Traditional Plant Knowledge in Odawa/Ottawa Morse, Stephanie Gamble
2010 Evidence for phrase-level prosody in Kwak'wala Nicolson, Marianne; Adam Werle
2010 Semantic variation in the Blackfoot modal system Reis Silva, Maria Amelia
2010 Representing Participants and Events in SENCOTEN Turner, Claire K.
2010 Pacific Northwest Field Recording Projects - 2nd phase University of Washington Libraries
2010 Cultural and social impacts of environmental Voorhees, Hannah
2010 Navajo Poets' Language Histories Webster, Anthony K.
2010 Translating Cree Pentecostal Church Discourse Westman, Clinton N.
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Year Project Title Name
2009 Investigating Dialectal Variation in Blackfoot Bliss, Heather
2009 Initiated into the West: Modernity and Secrecy in American Indian Freemasonry Butler, Christopher
2009 The Interaction of Tone and Phonation Types in Quiavini Zapotec Chavez-Peon, Mario E.
2009 Rhetorical structures within Coast Salish oral narratives Cienski, Andrew
2009 Recovering Nez Perce Language and History: Translating an early nineteenth-century Nez Perce hymn book Crook, Harold; Anne Burnett Keary
2009 Select Topics in Douglas Lake Okanagan Dunham, Joel; Heather Bliss; John Lyon
2009 Using Hul'q'umin'um' Gender Gerdts, Donna
2009 Sahaptin textual transcription and translation Hargus, Sharon
2009 1st and 2nd Person conversations in Thompson Salish Koch, Karsten A.
2009 Evidentiality in Central Alaskan Yup'ik Krawczyk, Elizabeth
2009 Traditional ecological Knowledge of Intertidal Resource Management in Tla'amin first Nation Territory, British Columbia, Canada Lepofsky, Dana; Megan Caldwell
2009 Tetlin Histories as told by Cora David in Upper Tanana Athabascan Lovick, Olga
2009 Dialectical, generational and stylistic variation in Kwak'wala determiner systems Nicolson, Marianne; Adam Werle
2009 A corpus of Kwak'wala conversation about archival photographs Rosenblum, Daisy; Mikael Willie
2009 Jobel Oral History Project (Tzotzil-Maya) Rus III, Jan; Diane Rus; Gaspar Morquecho; John Burstein
2009 PNW Field Recording Survey Project University of Washington Libraries
2009 Temporal instability in Tlįcho Yatiì Welch, Nicholas
2009 Pentecostalism among Canadian aboriginal People Westman, Clinton N.
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Year Project Title Name
2008 Dissertation Fieldwork: A Corpus of Ahtna Athabaskan Discourse Berez, Andrea
2008 Patterns in the Gitksan Lexicon Brown, Jason
2008 Form and Function of Hul'q'umin'um' Diminutives Gerdts, Donna; Thomas Hukari
2008 Dancing to the Beat of Their Own Drum Gooding, Erik D.
2008 Lexical Relations in an Athabaskan Language Holden, Josh
2008 CTUIR Ethnobiology Hunn, Eugene S.; E. Thomas Morning Owl
2008 Manly Voices: Navajo Country Music and the Politics of Indigeneity Jacobsen, Kristina
2008 Descendants' Organizations and Cultural Heritage in Kiowa Society Jordan, Michael P.
2008 Interaction between morphology and phonology in SENCOTEN Leonard, Janet
2008 St'at'imcets Discourse Particles and Attitude Predicates Lyon, John; Sonja Thoma
2008 Blackfoot Phonology Miyashita, Mizuki
2008 Tagish and Tlingit Conceptual and Linguistic Categories: A Social and Historical Analysis Moore, Patrick
2008 World of the Shipwright Exhibit, Shovel-nose Canoe Research Nagel, Toni
2008 Kwak'wala Determiners Nicolson, Marianne; Adam Werle
2008 Phrasal tone and syntax in San Mateo and Santa Maria Huave Pak, Marjorie
2008 Documenting the Northwest Coast Souvenir Industry Roth, Solen
2008 Lakota Documentaries Saltanaviciute, Jurgita; Don Moccasin; Marie Kills In Sight
2008 Artistic Production and Oral Tradition in a Yup'ik Community: The Scammon Bay "Fireball Story" Simon, Katrin Annemarie
2008 Home Gardens and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A Case Study of the P'urhepecha of Michoacan, Mexico Snively-Martinez, Amy E.
2008 Re-imagining the Past in the Bella Coola Valley Solomonian, Adam
2008 Representing Events and Participants in SENCOTEN Turner, Claire K.
2008 Aboriginal Pentecostalism in Canada Westman, Clinton N.
2008 Documentation and verbal morphology of SLP Huasteco Yanez, Veronica Munoz Ledo
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Year Project Title Name
2007 Language and Culture in Maya Polical Process Adler, Kristen
2007 Outer Inlet Dena'ina Conversation Pilot Project Berez, Andrea
2007 Nisga'a Ethnobotany: Linguistic Comparisons and EcoCultural Restoration Burton, Carla
2007 Intonation in St'at'imcets (Lillooet Salish) Caldecott, Marion G.
2007 Cherokee Land and Language in Treaty Interpretation Carpenter, Kristen A.
2007 Native American Identity and French Language in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, LA Dajko, Nathalie Genevieve
2007 Analyzing Metaphor in Hope Ritual Songs Enriquez, Falina
2007 Documentation of Mocho' Fox, Naomi
2007 Tone in Yucatec Maya Frazier, Melissa
2007 Nooksack Language Classified Word List Galloway, Brent
2007 The Suttles Legacy: Island Halkomelelm Texts Gerdts, Donna
2007 Mono Lake Northern Paiute Documentation Project Houser, Michael J.; Molly Babel; Maziar Toosarvandani
2007 Database of Men's Ixil Mayan Narratives Hughes, Michael
2007 Hul'q'umi'num' Lexical Suffixes Hukari, Thomas; Sarah Kell
2007 Chickasaw Storytelling and its Implications: Re-enforcing Sovereignty through Oral Narrative Johnson, Meredith I.
2007 Conversation in Nlhe7kepmxcin (Thompson River Salish) Koch, Karsten A.
2007 Documenting conversational Kiksht from the Perspective of Language Revitalization Kono, Nariyo
2007 Reduplication and Vowel Changes in Nuu-chah-nulth Lee, Sunghwa
2007 Wijswin ("You move from one place to another"): Understanding the rule of mobility in Mi'kmaw social organization Lelievre, Michelle Anne
2007 Word Structure in Sencoten (Saanich, North Straits) Leonard, Janet
2007 "The Alaskan Bush Foods Cookbook": An ethnobotanical study of Alaskan Gwich'in Communities Loring, Philip A.
2007 Discourse effects on interpretation in St'at'imcets Lyon, John; Sonja Thoma; Jediah Graham
2007 Navajo Radical Christianity Marshall, Kimberly J.
2007 The Contemporary Character of the Clan System among the Sac and Fox of Oklahoma McCollum, Timothy James
2007 Tlaxcalan-Nahuatl Oral Tradition in a Municipal County in Tlaxcala, Mexico Messing, Jacqueline; Ramos Rosales Flores; Ethel Xochitiotzin Pérez
2007 Hupa Language Documentation Project: Lexicon and Dialect Newbold, Lindsey
2007 Alternative Power: The Cultural Politics of Energy Development on the Navajo Nation Powell, Dana E.
2007 Telling Stories: Continuity and Change in Dane-zaa Narrative Ridington, Amber
2007 In quest of authentic Yup'ik art-concepts of tradition Simon, Katrin Annemarie
2007 Mandan Analysis and Language Maintenance Trechter, Sara
2007 The Negotiation of Native Christian Identity in an Absentee Shawnee Community Walker, Jessica A.
2007 Understanding Cree Religious Discourse Westman, Clinton N.
2007 Class, Culture and the Paradox of Plains Apache Identity Wightman, Abby
2007 Collecting Blackfoot Narratives Wiltschko, Martina; Solveiga Armoskaite; Michael Barrie; Heather Bliss; Joel Dunham; Jennifer Glougie; Maria Amélia Reis Silva
2007 Bodies, Objects, and Agency: Eating in Yucatan Wynne, Lauren A.
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Year Project Title Name
2006 Endpoint in Blackfoot verbs Armoskaite, Solveiga
2006 Linguistic restructuring of Umatilla Sahaptin Blackburn-Morrow, Jesse
2006 Phonological Variation in Gitksan Brown, Jason
2006 Prosodic effects on phonetics in St'at'imcets (Lillooet Salish) Caldecott, Marion G.
2006 Free Press in Navajo Country Evans, Michael Robert
2006 Gitksan -xw: passives and possessives Ikegami, Yoko
2006 Tense and aspect in Gitksan Johannsdottir, Kristin M.
2006 Semantics and syntax of pre-predicate particles in Sanca8an (Saanich) Kiyota, Masaru
2006 Basic Word Order in Nihe7kepmxcin (Thompson River Salish) Koch, Karsten A.
2006 Unifying the meanings of "begin" and "end" for akaa in Blackfoot Koon, Chin Seok
2006 The effects of Tourism on Artisanal production among the Raramuri of Northwest Mexico Krutak, Lars
2006 Oral Histories of Termination of the Grand Ronde Reservation Lewis, David
2006 Socio-cultural change in the Tlaxcala-Pueblan Valley 1958-2005 Nutini, Hugo G.; Jean F. Nutini; Timothy D. Murphy
2006 A missionary inspired contact variety in Upper Nicola Okanagan Robertson, David D.
2006 Plural marking in Upriver Halkomelem Thompson, James
2006 Staging the drama: The continuing importance of cultural tourism in the gaming era Thompson, Matthew D.
2006 Quantification in Nuu-chah-nulth Waldie, Ryan
2006 Understanding Cree Religious Discourse Westman, Clinton N.
2006 Harmony in Gitksan Yamane-Tanaka, Noriko
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Year Project Title Name
2005 Linguistic restructuring of Umatilla Sahaptin Blackburn-Morrow, Jesse
2005 Cultural Haunting as History: Contextualizing contemporary Coast Salish Ghost Stories Boyd, Colleen E.
2005 Tsimshian Laryngeal Phonology Brown, Jason
2005 The Case of Glottal Alternation in St'at'imcets Transitivizing Suffixes Caldecott, Marion G.
2005 Gitksan number Gibraiel, Diana J.
2005 Tense and aspect in Gitksan Johannsdottir, Kristin M.
2005 Nominal Modification in Nihe7kepmxcin (Thompson River Salish) Koch, Karsten A.
2005 An historic collection revisited: The shifting meaning of objects across British museums and Inupiaq communities Lincoln, Amber Anna
2005 Patterns of Agreement in Gitksan Peterson, Tyler
2005 Ichi Timini Teechum Iwa Nimi: This land is a part of me Shellenberger, Jon
2005 Exploring motivating factors for Twenty-First Century Native American Church Practitioners Williams, Albert Eugene
2005 Predicate classes of Nuu-chah-nulth Wojdak, Rachel
2005 Prepositional predicates in Nuu-chah-nulth Woo, Florence
2005 Harmony in Gitksan Yamane-Tanaka, Noriko
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Year Project Title Name
2004 The Social Dimensions of Weaving in Contemporary Navajo Life Ahlberg, M. Jill
2004 Halkomelem Motion Applicatives Gerdts, Donna
2004 Towards a Grammar of Yakima Sahaptin with initial focus on verb stem morphology Jansen, Joana W.
2004 Lillooet Double Applicatives Kiyosawa, Kaoru
2004 Language Learning with visual input McDowell, Ramona E.
2004 An Investigation of tonal variation in Beaver (Athabaskan) Miller, Julia Colleen
2004 Nominal Interpretation and Event Composition in Plains Cree Muehlbauer, Jeff
2004 Possession in Nuu-chah-nulth Rawinski, Christine
2004 Literacy in Chinook Jargon shorthand: Oral-Historical Linguistics Robertson, David D.
2004 Tsehootseci/Ft. Defiance oral history project Saul, Gwendolyn
2004 Introducing non-core arguments in Nuu-chah-nulth Steriopolo, Olga
2004 Complex predicates in Ahousaht Wojdak, Rachel
2004 Nuu-chah-nulth word order and clause structure Woo, Florence
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Year Project Title Name
2003 Contexts of Acoma Pottery Duffy, Karen
2003 Mountain Cahuilla Elliott, Eric B.
2003 Effect of language of the interview on information obtained Furbee, N. Louanna
2003 Halkomelem relational applicatives Kiyosawa, Kaoru
2003 Analytical ethonographics of Two Native Evangelical Congregation Nutini, Hugo G.
2003 Inuit discourse and case marking Slotta, James
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Year Project Title Name
2002 Mountain Cahuilla dictionary and texts Elliott, Eric B.
2002 Sivuqaghmiit Atngaghutngit: Tattoo of the St. Lawrence Island Yupiget Krutak, Lars
2002 Tahltan fishing language and stories McIlwraith, Thomas
2002 A survey of tone in Beaver dialects Miller, Julia Colleen
2002 Tututni-Chetco fishing on the lower Rogue River, Oregon Nading, Linda L.
2002 Research on myths and legends for a collection of stories Niatum, Duane
2002 Analytical ethnographics of Two Native Evangelical Congregations Nutini, Hugo G.
2002 Inuit perceptions of the sea Tyrrell, Martina
2002 Predication in Nuu-chah-nulth Wojdak, Rachel
2002 Quantification systems in Nuu-chah-nulth Woo, Florence
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Year Project Title Name
2001 Serrano Bilingual Dictionary, and Chemehuevi Text and Glossary Elliott, Eric B.
2001 Omaha narrative project Eschenberg, Ardis
2001 Reduplication of verb classes in Hiaki Harley, Heidi
2001 Acquisition of traditional environmental knowledge by children in a Zapotec speaking community in Oaxaca Mexico Hunn, Eugene S.
2001 The interaction of phonology and morphology in Nuu-chah-nulth Kim, Eun-Sook
2001 Oglala genealogies and band histories Meya, Wilhelm K.
2001 Personal names among the Canyon Tsimshian Roth, Christopher F.
2001 WH-questions in Nuu-chah-nulth Sawai, Naomi
2001 Coast Salish particles and adverbials Shank, Scott
2001 Support of publication of a grammar of Musqueam Suttles, Wayne
2001 Lexical category distinctions in Nuu-chah-nulth Wojdak, Rachel
2001 Predicative governing suffixes and incorporation in Nuu-chah-nulth Woo, Florence
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Year Project Title Name
2000 Zapotec ritual language Baron, Akesha L.
2000 Tahltan voiceless nasals Bob, Tanya
2000 Investigation of Hidatsa grammar Boyle, John Patrick
2000 Expressing Blackfeet places Carbaugh, Donal
2000 Documenting the Plains Apache language de Reuse, Willem J.
2000 Documentation of Serrano Elliott, Eric B.
2000 The prosodic system of Carrier Athapaskan Gessner, Suzanne
2000 The Semantic Scope of the Lexical Suffix for Canoe in Coast (Central) and Interior Salish languages Hinkson, Mercedes Q.
2000 Ethnomedical study of San Juan Mextepec, Oaxaca Mexico Johnston, Sue
2000 Glottalization in Nuu-chah-nulth: A comparative study Kim, Eun-Sook
2000 Tzeltal Maya ethnomycology Lampman, Aaron M.
2000 Understanding Cheslatta T'en worldview through plants, place names and landforms Larsen, Soren
2000 Biological pathology and the cultural construction of illness Luber, George E.
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Year Project Title Name
1999 Tourist art and traditional knowledge in Northern Alaska Blackman, Margaret B.
1999 Collection and analysis of conversation and narrative in Kwakw'ala Brown, Greg
1999 Documentation of Serrano and Mountain Cahuilla Elliott, Eric B.
1999 Plains Cree morpho-syntax and event structure Hirose, Tomio
1999 Tanacross Athabaskan tone Holton, Gary
1999 Dispossessed yet emplaced: Esselen placenames and categories of place Laverty, Philip
1999 Memory and reconstruction of Apache ceremony Davenport, Lucas Ann
1999 Memoirs of an Urban Tzotzil-Maya (Year 2) Rus III, Jan
1999 Yoeme ceremonies for departed souls in both U.S. and Mexico Shorter, David
1999 Sto:lo Senses of Place: Names, Stories, and Experiences of Land Thom, Brian
1999 Apache narrative traditions: Continuity and change Webster, Anthony E.
1999 ANCSA and the corporate form Wilson, L. A.
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Year Project Title Name
1998 Documentation of Lushootseed discourse data Barthmaier, Paul T.
1998 Tojolabal narratives of reproductive health Bayles, Bryan P.
1998 "Kwakiutl" gardens: Narratives and traditonal knowledge Deur, Douglas E.
1998 Pilot study for Coeur d'Alene dictionaries project Doak, Ivy G.
1998 Serrano texts Elliott, Eric B.
1998 Tanacross language documentation project Holton, Gary
1998 The roles of hunting, fishing and plant/root gathering activities of Nez Perce Indians in Idaho Kawamura, Hiroaki
1998 Apache generational musical experience Lucas, Ann Davenport
1998 Sto:lo aboriginal justice Miller, Bruce G.
1998 Choctaw oral narratives Mould, Thomas C.
1998 The grammar and socioinguistics of honorification in Quiche Rodriguez, Rosa Maria
1998 Coming into the city: Memoirs of an Urban Tzotzil-Maya Rus III, Jan
1998 Three problems in St'at'imcets phonology Shahin, Kimary N.
1998 The West Point dialect of Northern Sierra Miwok Wash, Suzanne
1998 Gwich'in hunting narratives Wishart, Robert P.
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Year Project Title Name
1997 Collection of Lushootseed connected speech Barthmaier, Paul T.
1997 Spokane texts Carlson, Barry
1997 Cultural adaptation and cultural resistance among Mixtec immigrants to Mexico City Conning, Andrew Scott
1997 Reflections of social change in Western Apache narrative Culley, Marybeth E.
1997 Serrano texts Elliott, Eric B.
1997 Songs of the Canadian Nakota Gooding, Erik D.
1997 Tongue-Tied Henne, Richard B.
1997 Studies in Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan grammar Kibrik, Andrej A.
1997 Creating and recreating Apache tradition Lucas, Ann Davenport
1997 Trading accounts: Stories from Sam Teller, Navajo Trader McCloskey, Kathy
1997 Oral prehistory of the Oglala Lakota Meya, Wilhelm K.
1997 Senejextee culture elements Perry, Madilane A.
1997 Aleut Intonation Taff, Alice
1997 Northern Sierra Miwok Wash, Suzanne
1997 Mayo Indian weaving Yetman, David
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1996 Predictability of root variation in Cowichan Salish Bianco, Violet M.
1996 Oral histories of the Montana Salish recorded in Salish Black, Deidre
1996 Towards a foot typology in Sliammon Blake, Susan J.
1996 Chewelah Kalispel texts Carlson, Barry
1996 The art and advocacy of Annie George Dark, Alex
1996 Makah grammar Davidson, Matthew
1996 Mountain Cahuilla texts and dictionary Elliott, Eric B.
1996 Yuchi ceremonial oratory Jackson, Jason
1996 Gitksan ethnobotany project Johnson, Leslie Gottesfeld
1996 Cultural revival in Bella Coola Kramer, Jennifer
1996 Towards understanding the power of Kiowa song Lassiter, Eric
1996 Ponca Grammar Shea, Kathleen
1996 Northern Sierra Miwok Wash, Suzanne M.
1996 The particle wa in Nxa7amxcin (Moses-Columbia Salish) Willett, Marie L.
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Year Project Title Name
1995 The history of a Tlingit Indian family Berman, Judith
1995 Dialectal variation in Nez Perce stress assignment Crook, Harold D.
1995 Serrano texts Elliott, Eric B.
1995 Clause combining in Hualapai Ichihashi, Kumiko
1995 The social organization of Yuchi ceremonialism Jackson, Jason
1995 Studies in Navajo transitivity marking Kibrik, Andrej A.
1995 Tohono O'odham Wind Sickness and wind songs Kozak, David
1995 Nuxalk artists and cultural revitalization in Bella Coola, BC Kramer, Jennifer
1995 Comparative symbolic analysis of Southern Plains Military Societies Meadows, William C.
1995 Caddo language project Melnar, Lynette R.
1995 Investigation of lexical suffixes in (Ahousaht) Nuu-chah-nulth Nakayama, Toshihide
1995 Jake Hunt and the feather religion: remembrances of Klickitat Indians 1919 Selam, James C.
1995 Yahooskin (Northern Paiute) texts Thornes, Tim
1995 Plains Miwok Wash, Suzanne M.
1995 The ivory carvers of Gambell, St. Lawrence Island Zimmer, Julie
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Year Project Title Name
1994 A collection of Spokane stress forms Black, Deirdre
1994 Securepemc ethnozoology and folk zoology Compton, Brian D.
1994 Serrano texts Elliott, Eric B.
1994 Oral history, collective memory and contemporary identity of the Makah Nation, Neah Bay, WA Erikson, Patricia Pierce
1994 Historical changes to the Kwakwala language Goodfellow, Anne
1994 Collection of spoken discourse data from Nuu-chah-nulth Nakayama, Toshihide
1994 Interviews with Bacone College Alumni Neuman, Lisa K.
1994 Performance aspects of Navajo joking Nichols, William C.
1994 Tutelo fieldwork Oliverio, Giulia
1994 Bone Games: A family's tradition Rabinowitz, Joan
1994 Ethnobotany of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples in B.C. Reed, Ronald A.
1994 Mixed messages: Music, creativity and identity in a Western Apache Community Samuels, David
1994 A geographic life history Thornton, Thomas F.
1994 The conception, realization and dissemination of the harmonized Bone Game Song Wapp, Edward
1994 Plains Miwok Wash, Suzanne M.
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Year Project Title Name
1993 Oral histories of the Montana Salish recorded in Salish Black, Deirdre
1993 Taos Pueblo art 1970-present Bodine, John J.
1993 Serrano texts Elliott, Eric B.
1993 Ethnobotany of the Ulkatcho Carrier people of B.C. Kay, Michele S.
1993 An Ethnohistory of Kiowa belief systems 1833-1993 Kracht, Benjamin R.
1993 The Colville Okanagan case system Mattina, Nancy
1993 Mandan linguistic project Mixco, Mauricio J.
1993 Klallam grammar and texts Montler, Timothy R.
1993 Navajo beadwork: an ethnographic study of design creation Moore, Ellen K.
1993 Collection of linguistic data from Nuuchahnulth Nakayama, Toshihide
1993 Zuni primary and secondary suffixation Nichols, Lynn
1993 Navajo jokes project Nichols, William C.
1993 The purpose of noun incorporation in Shawnee Norcross, Amoena B.
1993 Mixed messages: American popular culture and Apache identity Samuels, David
1993 History and ethnology of Osage Big Moon peyotism Swan, Daniel C.
1993 Ethnographers' and Native American versions of Creek Indian stories Womack, Craig S.
1993 Ethnobotany of the Sierra Mayo Yetman, David A.
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Year Project Title Name
1992 Interior Salish Phonetics Bessell, Nicola J.
1992 The art of renewal: The work of Maidu artist Frank Day Dobkins, Rebecca J.
1992 Mountain Cahuilla texts Elliott, Eric B.
1992 The syntax of Shuswap lexical suffixes Gerdts, Donna
1992 Lexical semantics of Salish body-parts terminology Hinkson, Mercedes Q.
1992 Ethnobotany of the Ulkatcho Carrier people of B.C. Kay, Michele S.
1992 Aspects of reference maintenance in Navajo and Hupa languages Kibrik, Andrej A.
1992 King Island Eskimo songs and dances Kingston, Deanna
1992 Discourse of Evil, Realm of Violence [O'odham (Papago)] Kozak, David
1992 Thompson Salish syntax Kroeber, Paul D.
1992 Karuk color categorization MacLaury, Robert E.
1992 Miccosukee and Florida Seminole texts Martin, Jack
1992 Collection of Nootka textual data Nakayama, Toshihide
1992 Gender and economics in a Maya community O'Brian, Robin
1992 A field study of the Omaha language Rudin, Catherine
1992 Navajo cultural construction of womanhood Schwarz, Maureen T.
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Year Project Title Name
1991 Commitatives, arguments and adjuncts in Nisgha Belvin, Robert S.
1991 Study of shape classification in Kwakw'ala Berman, Judith E.
1991 Socialization and language use in Passamaquoddy Bragdon, Kathleen J.
1991 Secwepemc (Shuswap) Ethnobotany Compton, Brian D.
1991 Coeur d'Alene research Doak, Ivy G.
1991 Shuswap syntax Gardiner, Dwight
1991 Yucatec ethonozoology: A preliminary study Hunn, Eugene S.
1991 Word order and Morphology in Gitksan questions Hunt, Katharine D.
1991 Secwepemc (Shuswap) Ethnobotany Compton, Brian D.; Marianne B. Ignace
1991 Thompson Salish syntax Kroeber, Paul D.
1991 Northwest coast native women and wage labour Littlefield, Loraine
1991 The boarding school experience among Native Americans of western Washington Marr, Carolyn Jean
1991 The contested meanings of Hopi "potteries" in the Indian art market McChesney, Lea S.
1991 Saanich narrative Montler, Timothy R.
1991 Alutiig folklore Partnow, Patricia R.
1991 Linguistic and cultural analysis of Micmac logographic literacy Schmidt, David L.
1991 Success, failure and identity in Alaska Native education conservation Thompson, Mary Denise
1991 Phonological study of Sliammon Watanabe, Honore
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1990 Cultural context for the stories of Helen Peterson Bates, Ann M.
1990 Language and ethnogeography information on the Yakima River Beavert, Virginia R.
1990 Accusative configurational structure in Nisgha Belvin, Robert S.
1990 A Hopi-Tewa life history Black, Robert A.
1990 Colville Indian language research project Breiler, James
1990 Principles of morphology: A case study Czaykowska-Higgins, Ewa
1990 Coeur d'Alene grammatical relations Doak, Ivy G.
1990 Nez Perce women's musical roles Jones, Judy A.
1990 Thompson Salish syntax Kroeber, Paul D.
1990 Sechelt color categorization MacLaury, Robert B.
1990 Creek Lexicography Martin, Jack Bradford
1990 Life history interviews with Alutiiq women in Kodiak Mulcahy, Joanne B.
1990 Linguistic research among the Han Kutchin Murray, David W.
1990 Northern Tlingit ethnogeography Thornton, Thomas F.
1990 Elderly Havasupai farmers new to the bottom of the Grand Canyon Vasquez, Michael L.
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Year Project Title Name
1989 Quilling arts of the Mandan-Hidatsa Berman, Tressa L.
1989 Journeys on the land: Life histories of Inupiat women Blackman, Margaret B.
1989 Principles of morphology: A case study Czaykowska-Higgins, Ewa
1989 Chilcotin place naming practices Dinwoodie, David W.
1989 Pacific Northwest Indian women and prenatal care Edge, Lynette N.
1989 Navajo nadle in Navajo creation myth Epple, Carolyn A.
1989 Music of the Assiniboine Crowbelt owner's society Hatton, Orin T.
1989 Karok stress placement Macaulay, Monica
1989 Okanagan Oratory Mattina, Anthony
1989 Objects and social relationships at Indian market Mullin, Molly H.
1989 Shuswap ways of learning in hunting and gathering contexts Palmer, Andie Diane
1989 A collection of oral and written Cherokee texts Scancarelli, Janine L.
1989 O:b No'ok (Mountain Pima) linguistic research Shaul, David L.
1989 A descriptive study of Jemez Towa Yumitami, Yukihiro
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1988 Fort George place names project Aasen, Wendy K. G.
1988 A linguistic analysis of Nez Perce Kinship Baksi, Shila
1988 New Yurok narratives Buckley, Thomas C. T.
1988 A study of Panamint phonology Crowhurst, Megan J.
1988 Zapotec dialectology Diaz-Couder, Ernesto
1988 Yakima Sahaptin vocalism and syllable structure Hargus, Sharon
1988 Oral history of Coast Salish canoeing culture Lincoln, Leslie Jean
1988 Lillooet color categorization MacLaury, Robert E.
1988 Classificatory verbs in Cherokee Raybourn, Carole A.
1988 Derivational morphology of Cherokee verbs Scancarelli, Janine L.
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Year Project Title Name
1987 Linguistic field research on Huastec (Mayan) Budway, Kathleen M.
1987 The Ethnobotany of the Heiltsuk Compton, Brian D.
1987 Coeur d'Alene Narrative Doak, Ivy G.
1987 On the relation of Kwagiulth art to constructions of culture Factor, Joanne
1987 Andrew Skin: Profile of an Eskimo Healer Hales, David A.
1987 The Semantics of Creek Morphosyntax Hardy, Donald E.
1987 Topics in the morphophonology, syntax and semantics of Alabama Hardy, Heather K.
1987 Tlingit memorial potlatch in the 1980's Tradition and Innovation Kan, Sergei
1987 Of past and present: Kolchan Athapaskan folk history Krupa, David
1987 The Washington State native canoe heritage Lincoln, Leslie Jean
1987 Okanagan Oratory Mattina, Anthony
1987 Root internal word formation processes in Saanich Montler, Timothy
1987 Culture and illness among the interior Salish O'Nell, Theresa D.
1987 Coast Salish oral literature in hunting and gathering context Palmer, Andie Diane
1987 A Phonological study of Carrier Prunet, Jean-François
1987 Columbia River Indian atlas Selam, James G.
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Year Project Title Name
1986 The Native Museum Research Project Broyles, Julie A.
1986 Coeur d'Alene Narrative Doak, Ivy G.
1986 Heiltsuk historical narratives Harkin, Michael E.
1986 Tlingit knowledge of stone fishing structures Langdon, Steve J.
1986 Predicate and aspect in Nisgha Livingston, Ellen B.
1986 Traditional Navajo women: A comparative analysis of their life histories Ritts, Karen R.
1986 Classification of medical and food plant resource areas of the Spokane Indian Reservation Ross, John A.
1986 Columbia River Indian geography Selam, James G.
1986 Change in the Micmac land tenure system in Nova Scotia Southes, Daniel P.
1986 A study of the morphology of Nisgha Walsh, Linda G.
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Year Project Title Name
1985 Smith River Athapaskan, Phase II Collins, James
1985 Coeur d'Alene Narrative Doak, Ivy G.
1985 Preservation of the Spokane Indian folklore Flett, Pauline Pascal
1985 Linguistic research on a northwest language Jelinek, Mary Eloise
1985 Return to Hoonah Klein, Laura F.
1985 Verbal morphology of Mainland Comox Kroeber, Paul D.
1985 Interface of sound and structure in an Upper Skagit story Langen, Toby C.S.
1985 Aspect and ergativity in Nisgha Livingston, Ellen B.
1985 Saanich text analysis Montler, Timothy
1985 Upper Chinookan as an obscolescent language Moore, Robert
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Year Project Title Name
1984 Sioux Nativism, 1934-45 Biolsi, Thomas
1984 The Native Musuem as Social Institution Phase II Broyles, Julie A.
1984 The structure of Smith River Athapaskan Collins, James
1984 Warm Springs Reservation secular ceremonies Hajda, Yvonne; Kay French
1984 Sahaptin narrative translation and analysis Hymes, Virginia D.
1984 Mainland Comox verbal morphology (Salish, B.C.) Kroeber, Paul D.
1984 Wasco-Wishram language: Patterns of current use Moore, Robert
1984 The Osage language Quintero, Carolyn
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1983 The Native Museum as Social Institution Broyles, Julie A.
1983 Thompson Salish Narrative Egesdal, Steven M.
1983 Nootkan Ethnobotany Gill, Steven J.
1983 Shoqowa Ke [Central Pomo music] Kaplan, Victoria D.
1983 Coeur d'Alene grammatical study Luthin, Herbert W.
1983 The Panamint Verb and Central Numic McLaughlin, John E.
1983 Contemporary North Fork Mono basketry Polanich, Judith K.
1983 Reviewing Halkomelem texts Suttles, Wayne
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1982 The poetics of ritual language among the K'ulta Aymara Abercrombie, Thomas A.
1982 Interrogation in Creek Booker, Karen M.
1982 Hupa women: Real, Ideal, Fantasy Davis, Lee
1982 Sekani linguistic documentation Hargus, Sharon
1982 Defining activity signatures of key Sahaptin resources Hunn, Eugene S.
1982 Comox language research Kroeber, Paul D.
1982 Religion in Owens Valley Miller, Jay
1982 Narrative expression and performance: Life Histories of Women on Kodiak Island Mulcahy, Joanne B.
1982 Interior Salish dance: An ethnographic study Skinner, Beth
1982 Idiosyncratic features of Hopi Voegelin, Charles F.
1982 Chinook Jargon data from Grand Ronde, Oregon Zenk, Henry B.
1982 Grand Ronde cultural resources project Zucker, Jeffrey
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1981 Metaphor in Salish arts and language Bierwert, Crisca
1981 Initial Fieldwork on Shuswap (Kelowna) Davis, Philip W.
1981 Colville Dialect Survey Doak, Ivy G.
1981 We are Cowlitz: A study of traditional and emergent ethnic identity in a Native American culture Fitzpatrick, Darleen A.
1981 Lushootseed text analysis Galin, Anne
1981 A phrase structure grammar of Shuswap Gardiner, Dwight
1981 Comox language research Kroeber, Paul D.
1981 Saanich grammar Montler, Timothy R.
1981 Tlingit ethnobotany and taxonomy Norton, Helen H.
1981 Indian English in the Northwest Shapard, Jeffrey A.
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1980 Haida Kinship Blackman, Margaret B.
1980 Complementation in Halkomelem Salish Gerdts, Donna
1980 Native museums and the image of Traditional Kwakiutl culture Jacknis, Ira S.
1980 Northern Plains personal names Parks, Douglas R.
1980 Yurok verb stems Proulx, Paul
1980 Kyuquot research Rose, Suzanne M.
1980 Maliseet-Passamaquoddy inflectional morphology and syntax Sherwood, David F.
1980 Peten Maya linguistic research Ventur, Pierre
1980 A study of Creek Square Grounds Walker, Amelia Bell
1980 Deictics in Kiowa Watkins, Laurel J.
1980 Ethnographic study of Thompson Indian musical culture Wickwire, Wendy C.
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1979 Linguistic structure of Puget Salish Archibeque, Sue M.
1979 Topics in Bella Coola Semantics and Syntax Davis, Philip W.
1979 Linguistic Analysis of Spokane-Kalispel Egesdal, Steven M.
1979 Reconstruction of social context of language use in Oregon Hajda, Yvonne F.
1979 Saanich Geography Hess, Thomas M.
1979 Sitka Past as seen by the Tlingits: Myth and History Kan, Sergei A.
1979 Creative License in Arizona Tewa Kroskrity, Paul
1979 Colville Dictionary Fieldwork Mattina, Anthony
1979 Subject in Tsimshian Mulder, Jean
1979 Taxonomy and ethnobotany of the Kaigani Haida Norton, Helen H.
1979 Stem formation in Yurok Proulx, Paul
1979 Work on Nooksack Richardson, Allan S.
1979 Kyuquot research Rose, Suzanne M.
1979 Nitinaht Text Collection Thomas, John
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Year Project Title Name
1978 Halkomelem spinning Bierwert, Crisca
1978 Rock Cree Ethnozoology Brightman, Robert
1978 Yurok Ontology and Language Use Buckley, Thomas C. T.
1978 Spokane Text Collection Carlson, Barry F.
1978 A survey of recent and contemporary foraging practices of the Harney Valley Paiute Couture, Marilyn D.
1978 The study of Tillamook Indian Family History Crawford, Ailsa E.
1978 Syntactic Diversity in Halkomelem Salish Gerdts, Donna
1978 Puget Salish transcription and translation Hilbert, Violet G.
1978 Transcription, translation and interpretation of Sahaptin language tapes Hunn, Eugene S.
1978 Creative License in Arizona Tewa Kroskrity, Paul
1978 Oral Performance of Yakima Myths Morrison, Henry V.
1978 Modernization and linguistic convergence, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta Scollon, Suzanne
1978 Smith River linguistics Seaburg, William R.
1978 An analysis of the Malecite prosodic system Sherwood, David F.
1978 Achumawi studies Silver, Shirley K.
1978 Musical culture of the Okanagan and Shuswap Indians of B.C. Wickwire, Wendy C.
1978 Grammar of Chevak-Hooper Bay Yup'ik Woodbury, Anthony C.
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1977 Chinookan Ethnotypography Bigelow, Charles A.
1977 A survey of recent and contemporary foraging practices of the Burns N. Paiute Couture, Marilyn D.
1977 A study of Tillamook Basket Making Crawford, Ailsa E.
1977 Haida Linguistic Structure Eastman, Carol M.
1977 Salvage work on Kalapuyan Hajda, Yvonne F.
1977 Puget Salish Language Hilbert, Violet G.
1977 Navajo Child Language Acquisition Iris, Madelyn A.
1977 Tewa Tales of San Juan Pueblo Jacobs, Sue-Ellen
1977 Contemporary Salish Weaving Marr, Carolyn Jean
1977 Phonology of the Omaha Indian language Marshall, Carol R.
1977 Social contexts of Southern Tsimshian Miller, Jay
1977 Transcribing Nitinaht text Touchie, Bernice
1977 The Northwest Coast bone game Vaughan, Jean
Back to top
Year Project Title Name
1976 Yurok Ontology and Language Use Buckley, Thomas C. T.
1976 A survey of recent and contemporary foraging practices of the Burns N. Paiute Couture, Marilyn D.
1976 Preliminary investigation of Nootka myth and ritual Golla, Susan M.
1976 Relationship between content and context in Chehalis Folklore Holden, Madronna N.
1976 Sahaptin ethnobiology: Initial inventory of native terms Hunn, Eugene S.
1976 Phonology of the Omaha Indian language Marshall, Carol R.
1976 Develop the Yakima Indian Language dictionary Martin, Virginia Beavert
1976 Translation of Colville texts Mattina, Anthony
1976 Merritt Thompson sociolinguistics Mayes, Sharon V.
1976 Semantics of Kobuk Eskimo spatial organization McNabb, Steven L.
1976 Traditionalism and traditionals on the Yakima Indian Reservation Schuster, Helen H.
1976 Jacobs collection unpublished manuscripts Seaburg, William R.
1976 Nitinaht linguistic work Touchie, Bernice
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Year Project Title Name
1975 Shuswap Indians at Lake Windermere, B.C. Helberg, Richard A.
1975 Puget Salish transcription and translation Hilbert, Violet G.
1975 Revival of Northwest Coast Indian art production Hill, Virginia
1975 Women's roles in San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico Jacobs, Sue-Ellen
1975 Use of the summer season by the residents of Hoonah, Alaska Klein, Laura F.
1975 Research on Colville, a Salish language of Eastern Washington Mattina, Anthony
1975 Linguistic study of Thompson in Merritt, B.C. Mayes, Sharon V.
1975 Aspects of the Choctaw language McClaran, Marlys J.
1975 Ethnohistory of Nooksack land occupation and ownership Richardson, Allan S.
1975 Restudy of Yakima Indian children's drawings after ten years Schuster, Helen H.
1975 The Tillamook Salish and the Upper Coquille Athabaskan Seaburg, William R.
1975 Athabaskan languages: Euchre Creek and Upper Coquille Seaburg, William R.
1975 Life history of a Coast Salish woman Solland, Sonja C.
1975 Yakima ethnolinguistics St. Clair, Robert N.
1975 Biography of Miss Annie York, a Thompson Indian Thompson, M. Terry
1975 Ethnobotanic dictionary of the Skokomish Twana Thompson, Nile R.
1975 Hydaburg (Haida) linguistic research Vaughan, Daniel J.; Robert L. Welsch
1975 Kalapuya linguistics and ethnography Zenk, Henry B.; Yvonne Hajda; S. McClure
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Year Project Title Name
1974 Structure of the Lummi and Skagit Indian Languages Demers, Richard A.
1974 Puget Salish transcription and translation Hilbert, Violet G.
1974 Completion of the totem pole started by the late Morris Alexander James, Dale
1974 Lillooet Salish language in B.C. Lyovin, Anatole V.
1974 Survey and study of Wyoming rock art Schuster, Helen H.
1974 Clallam and Thompson linguistic research Thompson, Laurence C.
1974 Biography of Miss Annie York, a Thompson Indian Thompson, M. Terry
1974 Changes in political participation and cultural symbols among the Tlingit Tollefson, Kenneth D.
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Year Project Title Name
1973 Structure of the Lummi and Skagit Indian Languages Demers, Richard
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